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Arguments Aren't All Bad

Why is there such a problem with disagreement in the current environment? The essence of human communication is the exchange of differing ideas and the vetting of said theorems.

This isn't new..

There has always been a predilection towards the desire to shut down opposing viewpoints when it comes to rational discussion. As depicted above, the father of philosophy in many respect and my namesake was tried/convicted/sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens and calling into question the anthropomorphism of the Grecian Gods. The reality is that those in power at the time (the 30 tyrants) did not want him calling into question their authority nor their motivations. In typical Socratic fashion, he defended himself via questioning his accusers as to their ultimate motivations and what their actions would bring. They would have none of it and condemned him to take his own life via hemlock.

Suppression continues to persevere

It has been customary to not demand death in our modern world for thought expression (in most places in the West) but this does not mean a lack of consequences. Social ostracization, canceling, and punitive damages are all but commonplace for any disagreement now.

If we can not discuss our differences of opinion on morality, theology, politics, and the best liquor to imbibe, how can we ever improve?

Is it not better to rationally discuss such objects of controversy for their merits and detriments such that we can hone our philosophical natures and indeed our ultimate telos?

There are great thoughts, there are terrible thoughts, and everything in between. My best advice is to listen to them all and give them the diligence of rational scrutiny. You never know what you may learn by hearing the other side of the argument..


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